The Journey

We would like to welcome you to the Life Project Adventures where you can find your true self, develop your body to new strengths, break through barriers and unlock your stored potential.


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May 4 - 11th 2019


May 11 - 18th 2019


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Get active and have fun 


Each day is different.  We want to show you many different types and styles of training so you can discover what you truly enjoy and what works best for you.  Sessions will be tailored to meet ALL levels of fitness and will provide you the opportunity to learn, try new things and sometimes push you outside your comfort zone - that's where we grow after all!

Each day will start with a workout before breakfast and finish with a workout before dinner.  There will be alternate complimentary 'Yin' (calmer) and 'Yang' (more intense) days throughout the week.  One morning you may start with a fast conditioning session, the next may be a sunrise yoga session.  It's important you recover as hard as you train.

Mid morning and mid afternoon we will run different workshops and activities (some at and some away from the villa) all of which are included but optional.  We encourage you to push yourselves physically and mentally during this week but also to listen to your body and know when rest or time out is required.

Apart from planned training, workshops and seminars, we love to get involved in activities that are specific to each location. In Ibiza, you may find yourself doing some stand up paddle boarding or even learning capoeira!



The locally sourced seasonal food is the perfect compliment to the activities and exercise we do.  There will be three freshly prepared, plentiful meals included daily offering a mouthwatering selection of nutrient dense food for you to choose from.  Our balanced menu is curated through a creative blend of ideas from Felicity's love of food and experience running and taking part in Health and Fitness holidays, from Gus as a Nutritional Therapist and from Ben our professional chef.

There will be fresh fruit, tea and coffee also provided.  All dietary requirements are catered for. 

Our Chef

Meet Ben.  Ben spent 5 years working at Michelin star restaurants in London and France including The Square and La Trompet.  His time in France taught him great respect for food and how all ingredients can be utilised with minimum wastage.  His time in London taught him how to get the best possible flavour from all ingredients.

After learning more about nutrition he realised healthy, nutritious food can and should still taste amazing.  He combines his passion, knowledge and skills to create an exceptional menu of delicious, healthy and nutrient dense food that never fails to excite and inspire our guests.